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The most wonderful time of the year

I judge holidays by their food.  Specifically, their candy.

Halloween: awesome.  Valentine’s Day: love it.  Christmas: the candy situation is so-so, but it gets a pass because of eggnog and all the baked goods.  Thanksgiving: not really a fan.  There is no Thanksgiving candy that I am aware of.  I don’t even like pumpkin pie all that much.  But the one thing I will say for it is that it heralds the beginning of eggnog season.

The king of candy holidays, however, is Easter.  Some of it is nostalgic — my mother has not only mastered road trips, but she made a mean Easter basket when my sister and I were younger.  However, the biggest reason is that I simply cannot get enough Cadbury Creme Eggs and Mini Eggs.  Ever.  I have been known to hit every drugstore between work and home after Easter in search of them at 50% off.  Here’s a crappy cell phone picture of our seasonal candy shelf last Easter:

Which reminds me, I haven’t bought any Robin Eggs or Peeps yet.

Some holiday candy is just all-year candy dressed up in colored wrappers (I’m looking at you, Hershey’s Kisses), so it saddens me that there is no non-Easter version of my Cadbury favorites (unless you live in Canada), even if it is probably for the best.  I would even forgive Cadbury for the sin of shrinking the Creme Eggs if I could get them all year.

I wonder how many Creme Eggs and bags of Mini Eggs I would have to buy to get me through until next Easter.  Probably too many to fathom, since we have eaten four bags of Mini Eggs this week.

Those are bags #5 and #6.

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