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Manicure hero

I love nail polish, but I can’t be trusted not to mess up painted fingernails immediately, which is why I usually just do my toes — I don’t write or cook with them (aren’t you glad to know you can safely accept a dinner invitation from me?) and nobody gets close enough to notice a dent or a smudge.  Or sheet imprints.  How do I always get sheet imprints on my nails, hours after I’ve painted them?

For the last year I’ve used a quick-dry oil on the occasions that I wanted to paint my fingernails, and it worked pretty well, but I still had to sit around with my hands in the air for a while afterward to keep from denting the polish.  Plus my topcoat kept getting destroyed by my daily sunblock, which really makes all the effort seem pointless.  When I ran out of the quick-dry oil, I decided to try a quick-dry topcoat that I found at the grocery store:

So I gather from the label that this stuff has been around a while and I may be the last person to know about it, but it is my new favorite thing.  It was inexpensive, it dries ridiculously fast and hard, and so far it seems immune to my sunblock.  I’m so excited to finally be able to enjoy nail polish that I have to keep myself from running out and buying ten new colors!

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