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What's your type?

I’ve taken the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator three times: the beginning of high school (INTJ), the end of high school (ISTJ), and the end of college (ISTP).  When I took it the last time at my college’s career center, the counselor took one look at my scores and said, “Yep.  Engineer.”

It’s funny to see the little evolution there from intuition to sensing and from judgment to perception, but obviously some things haven’t changed.  My introversion score is huge.  A couple years ago my family got a laugh out of the Introvert’s Lexicon — the extrovert column may as well be labeled with my sister’s name, and the other with mine.  My own grandmother once told me I ought to take a class to learn small talk (oh yeah?).

I like myself just fine, but let’s face it, it’s an extrovert’s world.  I’ve read that approximately 75% of people are extroverts.  I used to work in a government R&D lab, where people are generally happy to leave you alone with your work because they would like to be left alone with theirs, too.  When I moved to Houston, I switched over to a business environment.  Now I work for one of the top ten companies in the Fortune 500.  Plenty of high-achieving, hard-chargers.

This year my boss is really into personal development.  He decided I should take a company-offered class about the MBTI.  I suspect he may be trying to ‘fix’ me, because that is what many extroverts do.  I’m used to it.  So I cleared my schedule for today and made sure I got to the classroom half an hour early so I could eat breakfast and check my email.  Eight o’clock came and went.  Nobody arrived.

I suppose an extrovert would have started walking around the floor to see if anybody knew anything, or would have made a bunch of phone calls to see what they could find out.  That is not what I did.  I waited all alone until 8:30, double- and triple-checking the course confirmation email and today’s date, and then quietly packed up and walked back to my office, where I emailed my HR person.

I’m pretty sure I’m not getting out of this class forever, but it should be no surprise that I was relieved to spend the day in my familiar office with my familiar coworkers, and then to go to my familiar spinning class.  Where we had cake.  My weekend starts now.  It’s good to be me.

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