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April fools

My mother has greeted every April Fools Day since I was little by excitedly telling me, “There’s a unicorn coming down the street!”  Now April 1st would be incomplete without talk of unicorns.  A conversation by text message today:

Mom: There are unicorns all over our yard!!!!

Me: I have one in my cubicle!!

Mom: Are you going to keep it?

Me: Yes.  The leprechaun and I are going to ride it to the easter bunny’s house for lunch!

Mom: I hope they all get along!  That could spell trouble!

Mom (later): How was lunch at E.B.’s house?

Me: Delicious, I had a Cadbury omelette with sprinkles and a side of ice cream

Me (on my way home): I am on my unicorn!

Mom: I’m riding one into the grocery store right now!

Mom (later): Never take your unicorn into the store.  They want weird things!

Mom: It wanted skittles and rainbows.

Sometimes I wonder whether Mark had any idea what he was getting into.

Photo by David Wolfe

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