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We finally got around to putting our books on the shelves that we had built and installed in February!  We had been planning to do it the weekend Julia got sick, and ended up doing it the next weekend to distract ourselves from the stillness of the house after her death.

We have a few more things to find/unpack and add to the display area at the top, but I think that’s all of our books.  We mixed in some sentimental items, including things I made for Mark and things I commissioned Miss Monster to make.  Our living room is a lot more cozy now that it has some personality.

And now that the bedroom isn’t full of boxes of books, we can actually buy some furniture.  I told my sister that my upside-down cardboard box nightstand helps me keep touch with the common man, but I think it’s time for the common man to fend for himself.

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  • Sistah

    I love that the photo has 2 laptops front and center. The kleenex box is common man enough for the living room. I move mine around trying to find a inconspicuous spot, but when you have allergies and animals and sneeze frequently, decorum sometimes has to go out the window. As Rene likes to remind me, it’s the living room, we live there…

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