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A little more Lake Charles

As soon as I knew I’d be visiting the refinery at odd hours, I started fantasizing about the photos I would take of the assorted refineries and chemical plants in the area.  What I didn’t realize, having only been the passenger and not the driver on my two previous visits, is that there is nowhere very good (and safe) to stop and set up for a long exposure without inviting attention by plant security or police.  Maybe it would have been fine and I would have gone unnoticed, but this was not really the time that I wanted to test that.  Having to get bailed out of jail during a business trip is probably not worth the story I’d get out of it, so I settled for drive-bys from substandard vantage points.  Next time I’m taking a getaway driver.

I made Mark drive over the Lake Charles I-10 bridge a couple times so I could take a picture from the one good vantage point in an otherwise flat area but my sedan is a little short; I’ll have to try again when he gets a new truck.

Actually just the first time over was for the photo.  The second time was because I was so busy looking over my shots that I missed pointing out the turn-off for dinner:

Steamboat Bill’s is the only thing most people in my office like about Lake Charles.  It’s worth a detour if you’re ever passing through.  The portions are large, the ambience is fun, and they serve piping-hot ‘Louisiana rolls’ that are so sweet and oily that they’re almost more like doughnuts than dinner rolls (I order extra!).  Another good eat if you’re passing through is Boiling Point.  What it lacks in ambience, it makes up for in deliciousness and variety.

And now I really want a Louisiana roll.

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