Chocolate chip cookie quest: round 1

I seldom make chocolate chip cookies because they never live up to my fantasy — moist and THICK.  A cookie can’t be too thick.  So I was hoping that the recipe by Wendy Gaynor of Ruby et Violette would be the cookies of my dreams.


They were delicious and moist, and (Mom, stop reading) I licked every bit of dough from the beater (I told you not to read that.  I promise I did not get salmonella!), but they did flatten out more than I’d hoped — especially the ones that had to bake directly on the pan because I ran out of parchment, oops.  Also, I skipped the step where you refrigerate the dough because chocolate chip cookies are comfort food, and I am not interested in waiting OVERNIGHT for comfort food.  Seriously, who has that kind of self-control?  But maybe it would have kept them thicker, guess I need to try again to be sure.  Oh, and the recipe is supposed to yield 36-72 cookies, but in this house, it yields closer to two dozen.  I’m sure that had nothing to do with it. :)

The blog where I first stumbled across this recipe suggested that four cups of chocolate chunks were too many and I scoffed — does not the fact that two bags of Whole Foods’ dark chocolate chunks contain four cups plus just enough for a snack while they bake indicate that four is perfect? — but I have to admit that I agree.  If you regard the cookie as merely a vehicle for chocolate, then four will work for you, but if you want to enjoy the cookie as well, scale back.

Anyone have a recipe that might work better for me, even if I cheat on some of the steps?

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