Care package

I can never decide whether it’s more fun to send a care package or receive one, but someone important to me was in the hospital recently so I put together a little pick-me-up for her:


  • Juicy Couture makeup bag
  • Body Shop lotion in her favorite scent (plus they threw a little sample of something into the bag)
  • Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple face wash (this is a great gentle wash, similar to Cetaphil but smells much nicer)
  • MAC lipglass in Nymphette (I recently got a tube of this color for myself on Karen’s recommendation and I love it; it’s one of those rare colors that look great on a lot of different skintones)
  • Ole Henriksen’s Three Little Wonders minis
  • Magazines: Victorian Houses, Cooking With Paula Deen (later I thought maybe that’s a little cruel when you’re on hospital food..?), the Mother Earth News Guide to Growing Your Own Food (surprisingly, I found all of these at Target, which I usually regard as having a lackluster magazine section)
  • Glittery butterfly greeting card

The hardest part was to stop shopping!  What would be a must-have if you received a care package?  Tops on my list would probably be Swedish Fish, followed by a book of crosswords or sudoku.

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  • The perfect care package I receive is definitely going to have a book in it. I’m not very picky though, so any genre from any author will do. Some fruits on it would be great as well. I don’t mind having a box of pizza along with all of that. It is surely going to make me completely well in a jiffy.

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