When cheap is good

With my big vacation for the year fast approaching, I did a little shopping.  If you recall, I was in the mood for a stack of gold bangles.  These were exactly what I had in mind, but the $100 price tag was not working for me:

Amrita Singh is having a big Memorial Day sale (50% off any order) and I have a sizeable reward credit left over from their winter holiday promotion, but I was pretty sure I could get the look without using $50 of my credit.  I headed over to Harwin Street this weekend and paid about $12 for these:

Not bad, eh?  Maybe they’re not quite as pretty, but they’re cute enough for me!  If any of them get broken or bent during my travels, I won’t be mentally calculating the loss.  I love a good deal!

I haven’t resolved the gold flip-flops issue.  It seems like all the pairs I like the most have terrible reviews on Zappos.  My sister says Havaianas are worth the price, but I’m still thinking.  I used to have rubber flip-flops in a rainbow of colors, but hours of Stacy & Clinton convinced me it was time to start wearing real shoes when I’m not at the beach, and I got rid of almost all of them — so now I wear leather flip-flops around town all summer, instead.  I like to tell myself they’re slightly more respectable. :)

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  • Nina

    Hi there! So I did finally go to Harwin and I was stunned (and overwhelmed).

    I made off with a layered necklace in browns/blacks and 5 pairs of earrings — for 20 bucks! Thanks for the tip! ;)

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