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Balcony birds

One afternoon while having a snack on our balcony, we discovered that finches LOVE Sunchips.

Word spread quickly that we had the goods.

Little birds can get very bold when you have something they want.  I’m pretty certain we could have gotten them to eat out of our hands, but those little beaks looked sharp.  I was fluttered at when I held a chip aloft too long on the way to my mouth.

We spoiled them so much that they came to expect a daily snack, and assembled en masse to wait for it.  We generally left the sliding door open while we were in the room and they gradually edged their way in, landing about 16″ inside until being scolded and hopping back out.

I did worry a little that the chips would give them teeny-tiny heart attacks, but figured there are worse ways to die than eating treats in Hawaii.

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