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Sunken Corsair

One of the coolest dives we did in Hawaii was a wrecked Corsair from 1946.  It sits in about 110′ of water off the southeast end of Oahu.  Apparently the pilot just ran out of fuel during a training run.  Whoops!  Bad for him, awesome for us.  We dove that site twice — once in the morning, once at dusk.  Both times we saw tons of schooling fish, including a monster amberjack.  During the morning dive we saw some freedivers spearfishing at the site (I think Mark wanted to swim over and join them!).

It’s tricky to get photos down there because there are changing currents and you only get about 15 minutes of bottom time under normal recreational diving conditions, so my approach is to snap away and hope I get a few good ones.  Here are some of my favorites!

One last one — I took this on the way back up the mooring line.  We had a couple safety stops with nothing to do but hang on, and we were treated to a ballet of pennant butterflies:

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