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Modern retro

This one is for the cosmetic junkies.

I don’t think I have ever finished a lipstick.  I have finished a few lip glosses and eyeshadows (and a blush!  Twice!  And I just found out that my color was discontinued more than a year ago; I think I have a couple years left in the current pan), but I’ll usually decide I’m over the color and toss it before I’ll finish it.  The exception is anything above drugstore level.  I know you’re supposed to toss things after a certain amount of time, but if I paid $14+ for it, I have a problem doing this, even long after the expiration decade has come and gone.  (Mom, if the idea of my ancient makeup is making you make that sound, trust me — this post is not going to get any better from here.  Proceed with caution.)

Case in point: my first MAC lipstick, from 1995.  Still smells normal, looks normal, goes on smooth.  My internal monologue goes something like this: Will I wear this color again?  Nah.  Wait, maybe!  I’ll just hang on to it, then. As a result, this lipstick has been with me through seven dorm rooms, two apartments, and three houses.  Check the old-style tube.  The silver tube is probably close to ten years old and it’s now a permanent color in a normal, black tube.  Just for reference, the last tube is the last lipstick I bought (probably also technically past its expiration by now):

So, eyeshadows.  There are only a couple colors I use quickly enough to have replaced more than once.  As you can see by the packaging, the color on the left isn’t one (the one on the right is in current packaging, which has been around forever):

One of the other brands I like as much is Urban Decay.  How long have I had the one on the left?  Long enough that the color has been discontinued, for one.  I’m sure I bought it in college, if not high school.  You’d never know how often I use it by the amount left in the pan.  Hopefully this one will last until I die since they don’t make it anymore.  Just kidding, Mom & Dad!

I do think the old pans were cuter, if slightly less practical.

The last really old thing I have is an Urban Decay lipstick.  Definitely bought this one in college.  I don’t have any of their new lipsticks, so I stole a picture from their website to compare.  I think the old packaging was cooler on this, too.

This has been a lesson in why you shouldn’t share makeup.  Thanks for coming; Lysol wipes are by the door.

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