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Someone reads me!

Look at what Ms. Childfree Chic has passed on to me:

Check her out for a taste of true Southern style and your weekly martini fix!

This meme requires me to tell you seven things about myself that you may not know.  Try these on for size:

1. I’m a dedicated Dr. Pepper fiend and have been as long as I can remember.  Luckily for me, Texas is the home of Dublin Dr. Pepper, so our grocery store sells Dr. Pepper made with Imperial Sugar year-round.  It usually comes in cute little glass bottles, but right now it is also available in cans for Dr. Pepper’s 125th anniversary.

2. I considered a career as a herpetologist.  I had a pet garter snake as a kid, and later a pet corn snake.  The former ate goldfish and the latter ate baby mice (‘pinkies’).  My dad would pick up the pinkies for me at the pet store on his way home from work, and I would put them in the cage and run away so I couldn’t hear them squeal.  When I was away at college with my snake, I found a supplier of frozen pinkies.  I liked this a lot better and the snake didn’t care once they were thawed.  She once escaped in my dorm room and I had to go to Campus Security to get her back (she briefly escaped from them as well).  I didn’t get in trouble because they were so amused.  Eventually I housed her with a boyfriend and she escaped for good.

3. I played the cello from 3rd grade through high school.  I have a beautiful Rudoulf Doetsch but I don’t read music very well anymore.  Mark had my bow rehaired for me and I would like to take private lessons.

4. I may be an engineer, but I have a big creative streak.  I loved drawing and creating shoebox dioramas when I was younger, and now I especially enjoy creating mosaics.  I still like to make silly dioramas.  Unfortunately I don’t have a place to make anything in our current home, so this blog is my main creative outlet for the time being.

5. I started rowing as a freshman in high school and loved it.  Rowing paid for part of my college education, gave me a permanent connection to a lot of great people, and provided inspiration with every sunrise on the Schuylkill River.  I haven’t been in a boat in a really long time but I dream of having my own single scull and a quiet lake where I can stroke through the morning mist and watch the sun rise again.

6. I nap almost every day, even weekends.  The only days I don’t get to nap are the days when I go directly from work to spinning class.  I can nap in the heat or in bright light and sometimes with the television on, but I can’t nap very well in a car or an airplane.  I have to be careful about napping on the couch, though, because for me that can trigger sleep paralysis.  Even when I’m not having sleep paralysis, I have dreams that make Inception look like a documentary.

7. I married a pirate!  We were married in the Cayman Islands during Pirate Week.  Jes bought some props and we hammed it up.  The resulting shots are some of my favorites.

So now I’m supposed to pressure someone else into doing this meme.  I’m nominating Julia over at WafflerToaster.  Visit her for some delicious recipes and a taste of life in Berkeley!

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