My other favorite childhood book, part 1

Sammy, the Crow Who Remembered may be my favorite book, but I must admit that there is a close second…

You may have caught the headlines about a recent study which claims that one’s personality is pretty much set by age 7.  I can attest that this is true.  After all, though I started this book in my fifth year, I was six — er, seven when I finished it (did Michelangelo paint all roads leading to a bear in the woods in one day?  No, he did not), so you can assume that anything I am about to share with you is still true today.

But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.  As the book says, first of all there is one thing you should know: I am a feminist.

Sometimes I wear a big false nose.

Occasionally I have bad hair days.

I often find it difficult to choose just one favorite.

Oh my gosh, how did I know that those are my favorite colors??

As is to be expected, this book is too important to share just a few pages.  Come back Thursday night to get a little more personal, including my career aspirations, an amazing look into the workings of my mind, and the saddest page of the entire book, which is strikingly prescient.

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