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It appears that sometime early last week, a vortex opened up above our house, and it has been spilling chaos all over our tidy life.  We’re just trying to ride it out in good humor, hoping that this week will be better.

Wednesday afternoon: a Dior counter makeover that left me looking like a caricature of a fortune teller, followed by an increasingly frantic 40-minute search of every closet, cabinet, and cranny in the house for a cat that had seemingly vanished into thin air.  I finally found her here:

She had crawled under the coffee table, where there is considerable open space, and slipped through the 4″ gap between the top of the drawer and the underside of the table.  Finding herself stuck in the drawer — presumably all day, as her food was untouched — she didn’t even have the good sense to meow while I tore through the house looking for her.  I guess she was comfortable.  As for me, I think I lost a few years from my natural lifespan.

Thursday morning: got in the car at 5:15 to head for the gym and found it unresponsive.  It cost half a day, but we got a new battery and got our money back on the one we had bought just 18 months ago.  Lesson learned: buy a brand that can afford to advertise.

Friday: in the morning, a GFCI in the master bathroom tripped and wouldn’t reset, which doesn’t give you a nice feeling as you prepare to leave the house for the day.  By the afternoon, one of the sinks in that bathroom had spontaneously broken:

Saturday: I woke up to a dead Litter Robot and a short trail of brown pawprints.  We just bought the darn thing a month ago, and since Sweet Pea was in jail part of that time, it has been used for a total of maybe two weeks.  Of course this happened on a holiday weekend, so there is no reaching customer service until Tuesday.  We have the world’s most expensive scoop-it-yourself litterbox.

Oh, and then there is the mildew and the cracked windshield.  Just more items for our to-do list.

However, it is still a holiday weekend.  Today we had our usual Sunday brunch, tonight we are excited to try a restaurant where we’ve never eaten, and tomorrow we are sleeping late and then making one of our favorite breakfasts.  We’ll also be crossing our fingers that life (and the cat) will take it easy on us this week!

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