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My chorizo obsession

One of the best things since moving to Texas is discovering chorizo.  Actually, oddly enough, I first tried chorizo in Montana, so let me rephrase that — one of the best things since moving to Texas is the wide availability of chorizo.  I would happily eat it at least three times a week.

What I don’t understand is how chorizo has never risen beyond the breakfast menu.  It’s good at ALL times of day!  My hope is that one day it will enjoy the kind of renaissance that bacon has seen for the last few years.  Until then, I’ve got two preferred sources.  The lazy source — that is, the nights we don’t want to cook — is La Mexicana, a great family-run restaurant that has served Houston for almost 30 years.  They’re open late, the prices are a steal, and you can get desayuno all the time.  I order chorizo scrambled with eggs, and refried beans.  We always start with an appetizer of refried beans, melted cheese, and chorizo — so it’s kind of like having the same thing twice, which is awesome.

The other source I like is Whole Foods.  They make it fresh, and it is outstanding.  We have made chorizo-based breakfast tacos several times for company, letting everyone fill their own at an assembly line, and they’re always a hit.  Despite the number of components, they are very easy and we usually have leftovers.  We cook up the following:

  • a quarter to half a pound of chorizo per person (half is totally overkill, but did I mention that I REALLY like chorizo?)
  • two eggs per person
  • a couple pieces of thick-cut bacon (cut into several smaller pieces) per person
  • a family-size can of either black or refried beans
  • tons of grated cheese

Sometimes we oven-roast one or two small red potatoes per person, diced and tossed in oil and assorted Mexican-type spices.  Our grocery store makes fresh tortillas, so we’ll warm a stack of them in the oven while everything else is cooking on the stovetop.

Mark is the official breakfast chef at our house, so I beg him to cook this meal whenever we plan to have a lazy Saturday (Sunday, as you know by now, is spoken for).  Sometimes I beg for it for dinner. :)

What meal can’t you live without?