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The Irish diplomats of the US, Southerners often have a nice way of saying things — like ‘bless your heart’ when they’d rather give you the finger.  Or ‘palmetto bug‘ when they mean ‘the most enormous cockroach you’ll see outside of a zoo.’

Giant roaches are a fact of life down here in the subtropics.  Mark keeps our house extremely clean (no small feat with me as his roommate), but we still see them once or twice a year.  A couple nights ago Sweet Pea found one, and it was clearly the highlight of her life so far.  It was either too dumb or too young to fly, so I let her chase it around until it became obvious that she had no idea what to do with the thing as it flailed on its back.  I caught it under a glass where she eagerly inspected it until I decided it had been tortured enough, at which point I carried it downstairs and flung it over the fence into the vacant lot.

Yes, I know, it’s really not that large, but trust me — when they surprise you, they appear about five times their actual size!  Click below for a video of Sweet Pea vs. the roach:

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