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Venomous villainy

Tonight I hit Houston’s launch party for MAC’s new Venomous Villains collection.  I’ve never been to one of these things before, so I was not prepared for the utter chaos.  We all had to stand in line for a turn at the goods while a security guard made sure the store contained only as many people as could fit shoulder-to-shoulder on every inch of floorspace.  I was behind a couple in the running for Parents of the Year as they studied the annotations their daughter had made to a cheat sheet, marked in purple and pink highlighter to delineate what she ‘needed’ and what she ‘would like to have.’  I’d estimate about $400 worth of cosmetics on her list.  The women behind me, nurses or med students from the sound of it, conducted a caffeine-fueled discussion with more than a couple TMI tidbits.

I’m not necessarily a Disney fanatic, but I am a Maleficent fanatic and always have been, so I have eagerly anticipated this collection.  I don’t know whether it’s the raven sidekick or the horned hat, but being bad never looked so good.  The launch party tonight had Cruella de Vil and Evil Queen costumes to try on and pose for a photo in, but I will only risk headlice for Maleficent, and sadly that was not an option.

If you, too, have been waiting for this collection, you probably just want to know what I picked.

I picked up She Who Dares mineralize eyeshadow, Devilishly Stylish lipglass, and Bad Fairy nail polish (I really liked the other two polishes as well, but I’ll probably hunt down the Orly dupes).  Can’t wait to use all of them.  I put the lipglass on as soon as I got home, and it is an absolutely perfect nude for me (N4, if you’re curious).

Did you attend a launch party (and did you try on a costume)?  If not, what (if anything) are you planning to buy?

2 comments to Venomous villainy

  • Nice picks! I’m pretty desperate for the Strange Potion lipglass, and I have to limit myself to one of th enail polishes – oh and maybe the purples MES too. I’ll have to wait til October to get them, up here in International :)
    Pinch´s last blog post ..Peacock with Grape

    • Amber

      I was considering Strange Potion but thought it might be a little orange for me, and I just wasn’t sure. I also thought about the purple MES but I just bought a Dior quint in plums.

      It’s funny, I walked in thinking I wasn’t going to want much, but once I got there I could have done some damage! I’m also wondering why I didn’t just buy the rest of the nail polishes. Silly.

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