A little more organization

I have mentioned that I don’t sew.  I would like to be a person who can sew, and I think I may try again eventually, but right now I have 100 other hobbies that I already know I like and don’t have time/space for.  So not yet.  But I do own clothes that other people made, and occasionally the need for mending arises.  I can do some of this, so I keep some basic supplies.  Oh, and every spare button, sequin or loop of thread that has ever come with a garment:

That mess is how you know I’m not someone who sews.  That thing, which originally contained some kind of bath gift set, was packed to the gills.  But, lo!  I found myself with a freebie compartmented case that I had no real use for:

It’s meant for traveling with cosmetics, but in my view it is suboptimal for that purpose.  So I repurposed it:

The buttons that I couldn’t identify (or whose garments I no longer own) got sorted by color, and the rest stayed in their original bags.

Now I might actually mend things!  But the truth is that I usually stain garments before they get to that point.  How did you think I ended up with so many buttons?

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