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Smoothie of the week: dragonfruit and guava

I was in the produce section and found something I’ve been wanting to try for a long time: dragonfruit!  There was a basket of small yellow guavas next to it, so I grabbed some of those as well.  I bought a banana for a thickener and some pre-cut pineapple for sweetness:

If you’re not familiar with dragonfruit, it is pretty neat.  It grows on a cactus and tastes a bit like a kiwi, but milder.  (To my disappointment, it does not taste like dragonfruit Starburst.)

You can cut it in half and gently pop the fruit out to separate it from the skin:

I’ve seen photos of the skin used as a bowl, with cubed fruit placed inside.  I think that would be an adorable summer side dish!  But I was going to blend the heck out of my dragonfruit, and I did, after slicing the stem ends off of the guavas:

I have to admit that this smoothie really didn’t do it for me.  It was pretty mild, and Mark thought it was a perfect combination of sweet and tart, but like my smoothies really, really sweet — so I poured a bunch of mixed frozen fruit in there until it looked and tasted more like what I’m used to.  I didn’t see any reason to share a photo of that.

If sweet and tart sounds good to you, I will offer this advice — make sure you blend the heck out of it with a powerful blender, because between the dragonfruit and the guavas, it’s seed city.

Have you tried dragonfruit?

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