Graffiti safari

I think the Houston Zoo needs to check its fences, because all sorts of critters have been popping up around my neighborhood lately, like this neon pig nibbling grass on a busy overpass:

Or this t-rex hiding behind a warehouse corner and waiting to pounce on an unwary pedestrian:

I don’t think this beetle is by the same artist, but I like him just the same:

This dog is a little ways from my neighborhood, but I happened to notice it for the first time last week:

Ever since I started seeing these, I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for more everywhere I go.  Despite my appreciation for them, Mark would like me to tell you that we don’t condone graffiti…unless it’s really cute.

How was your weekend?  We went for a post-sunset bike ride at Memorial Park last night, where we saw a coyote and a lot of rabbits.  The weather has finally become pleasant, and we had the picnic loop to ourselves, with the exception of the aforementioned company.

One more thing before I go: Karen at Makeup & Beauty Blog is hosting an amazing giveaway for October, and all you have to do is make a sign, like so:

Hop over to Makeup & Beauty Blog to get all the details and rules.  Good luck, and please share if you win because of me!  All I want is a little Chanel in my life. ;)

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