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Crunchies & toast

Quick, what’s the difference between these two types of cat food?

Trick question — they’re the same food.  The plate on the right has already been picked over.  Sweet Pea won’t eat the rectangles.  Sometimes she pushes them right off the plate.  At the moment she is a little peeved that we put them in a bowl before we went to Dallas for the night, so she is having a harder time eating around the rectangles.  When we come home from work, she acts like she’s starving despite a whole mess of food.  I stir it up and she’s fine for a while.

I’m glad we didn’t buy a huge bag of this stuff, since we won’t be buying it again!

As for toast, or Toastmasters to be more precise, tonight I picked up my second ‘Best Table Topics’ ribbon to go with the one I was awarded last week.  The topic was my first cell phone.  I talked about the giant, grey brick of a phone that I used to call my mother when my car died on a busy road in a rainstorm, and I had just enough momentum to glide into the driveway of a very shady house.  The very shady, but very nice inhabitants came out and actually got my car started again, by which time my mother arrived to follow me home.  The people from that house also offered to follow us home, but we declined.

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