Treats for Toastmasters

Last week there was a question about whether one of our speakers would be speaking this week.  I volunteered to take her place and give my first speech, but then toward the end of the week it looked like she was back on, so I didn’t work on what I had written at all.  Well, at the eleventh hour today, it was determined that I would speak after all!  I made some quick edits and practiced all the way home from work, in front of the cat, and then all the way to the meeting.  And guess what?

Taking a chance paid off!  Except my speech was about being an introvert, and now the other members don’t believe I am one.  I told them I only ‘turn it on’ for interviews and presentations!

Confession: I sort of bribed the jury.

The green ones are ginger-lime, from this recipe.  The white ones are pumpkin with cream cheese frosting, from here.  I highly recommend both.

I didn’t really do this to bribe the jury — I didn’t even think I would be speaking when I made these!  The truth is that I went a little crazy in the Halloween/baking section at Michael’s last month, which pretty much meant I would be baking a whole lot of cupcakes and mini-cupcakes for Halloween.  Tomorrow night I will frost the ones that I’m dropping off at the kennel on Thursday.  The staff there is awesome and I like to treat them once in a while.

Who is on your ‘treat’ list this year?  What about tricks?

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