Sunday interlude

Yesterday I had my zillion photos from New Mexico open and I was narrowing them down to what I wanted to share next, and then somehow I lost all my progress.  Doh!  I don’t have the energy to redo that just now, so I thought I’d share some assorted snaps from the past week.

Who’s that reading my favorite book?

It’s Sammy!  He was a birthday gift from my parents.  He looks great on our bookshelves!

He came with a note from my mom:

Mark and I ordered burritos the other night for pick-up.  There is a Freebirds just up the street and I think they put something addictive in the meat.  The staff is young and cheerful, and we have long suspected that at least a few of them are having special smoke breaks during their shifts.  Evidence:

I ordered two so I wouldn’t have to make lunch, and they made sure I knew which ones were mine:

When I sat down at my desk the next day, I noticed the bag:

Speaking of places with herbally-enhanced employees, we made a Whole Foods run tonight and I picked up some treats containing my own favorite herb:

I have a slight obsession with rosemary.  I sort of have a personal theory that rosemary is the new bacon.  You heard it here first.  I’m very excited about these!

Also spotted at Whole Foods (it looked a lot better on my 1″ x 1″ cell phone screen!):

You know the holidays are here when the sock monkeys show up en masse!

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