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Halloweeniversary in Santa Fe

Last year we were in Las Vegas for our anniversary, and spent the day eating decadent food and being pampered in a spa.  We decided this year should be no different, except perhaps a change of venue (we will be going back to the Encore someday, though!).

Since we stayed in a little rental house, we had to take ourselves out for our breakfast.  We opted for the decadent, multi-course Rancher’s Brunch at Fuego (in La Posada, a hotel constructed in the usual adobe style around an elegant 19th-century mansion which now serves as a bar).  It was more food than any two people ought to eat at brunch — pastries and Devonshire cream, melon with Serrano ham, oats, an enormous entree (I had an omelet full of meat and cheese), and then churros with Mayan hot chocolate.  We were happy and miserably stuffed by the end.  And THEN they brought out dessert!

Now, neither of us is the kind of person who wants to be sung to in a restaurant for any reason at all, but we do tell restaurants of the occasion when we make our anniversary reservations, because sometimes an upscale place will do something neat like that for you.  We tasted a little bit of the raspberry flan thing and asked them to pack everything to go.  Then we waddled slowly down the sidewalk to our car and drove to the spa.

We received multiple recommendations for Ten Thousand Waves from leisure-loving Houstonians, and one look at the website was all we needed to conclude that we would be going.  We initially had an insane day planned with something like 6+ hours of baths and two massages, but one of the baths was out of service and we scaled way back.  We started with Waterfall, had a massage together, and watched night fall from the tubs at Ichiban.  Their pictures are a lot better than mine, but I’m sharing mine anyway.

Ichiban is really more a bath suite than just a private bath — it has a sauna, a large shower for two (standing or traditional seated), a Japanese robo-toilet (with heated seat, gentle rinse, direct rinse, front rinse, dryer, small flush, and big flush), and a place to lie down if necessary (why you would waste your spa time lying down is a mystery to me).

The hinoki bath and body products provided throughout the spa smell AMAZING.  I couldn’t stop smelling myself after I used the lotion!

I liked the eerie green glow of the tubs — Mark would have been as happy with the lights off, but they seemed appropriately ghoulish for Halloween so I insisted on leaving them on!

I really liked the ‘teacup’ tubs, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the parable of the frog in the boiling pot.  Oh well!

Eventually we had to leave.  So sad.  But even the walk to and from the parking lot feels magical:

A lot of restaurants in Santa Fe seem to close earlier than we are accustomed to, so rather than rushing home to get dressed up and go out, we picked up a pizza, brought it back to the casita, and ate it on the bed while we exchanged cards.

It’s going to be hard to top this anniversary next year!

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