Something old, something new

…and something in my favorite blue:

Now that we have been in this house for over two years, we are finally getting our bedroom set up as something other than box storage.  I want to share the finished room here, but it’s not finished.  It’s starting to come together nicely, however, so I thought I’d share a few of the elements that make it home.

We decided on dark furniture, and I wanted white lamps on the bedside tables.  I wanted a single white decorative object next to my lamp, and I spent an afternoon scouring antique shops for the right one.  I found tons of treasures, but not the right white object.  Then I saw something in a display case that made me realize I’d had my object at home all along.

On my bedside table (OMG I have a bedside table!  We had overturned moving boxes for two years):

The lamp is new, but the pelican is over 50 years old.  My mom got it as a birthday present from a friend when she was five or six and it’s part of a set — pelican, donkey, and polar bear.  I have no idea why those things should go together, but I have them all.  The pelican and the donkey have a little strip of fur glued to them, but the pelican’s has seen better days.  I say it adds to his charm.  Regardless, I’m thrilled to have ended up using an antique from my family rather than from some stranger’s.


Being who I am, you know there have to be some creepy crawlies someplace in the room:

The spider was invited for Halloween, but I believe he’s won year-round status on Mark’s bedside table.  I wonder if I could find a tiny Santa hat.

Oh, and the object in the blue box?  Something I have wanted for years and finally have a place for:

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