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The one that almost got away

All spring and summer, my casual go-everywhere bag was a pink- and white-striped tote with a butterfly on it.  It didn’t seem right for fall and winter, so I asked the internet to show me what I could use to supplement it.  I quickly found a bag that I loved at Zappos, but the price was more than I had planned on spending.  I thought about it all day, then came home and tried to buy it.  But by then some jerk had bought the last one in the color I wanted!  Seriously?  Of the trillions of bags on Zappos, someone had to have exactly the one I wanted?!

I was sad and mad, and suddenly ridiculously determined to find that bag, but more internet scouring than I care to admit to turned up only one other vendor, and the price was significantly higher.  Resigned, I found a substitute bag that I liked a lot and which cost far less, and I ordered it.

Nearly three weeks passed, and I thought, “Huh.  Wonder when that bag will arrive?”  I checked the vendor’s website, which states that most orders go out within 48 hours, and it showed my order as ‘processing.’  I talked to a representative via their live chat and found out that the bag was discontinued in the color I’d wanted.  I don’t know when or if they had been planning to tell me that, but I cancelled the order.  I went back to Zappos…and lo and behold, there was the bag I had originally wanted!  There was only one in stock and I snapped that sucker up.

Is there anything quite as satisfying as the triumph of a successful hunt, coupled with the knowledge that Zappos will have the item in your hands the very next day?  Doubtful.  Maybe I sound like a shill for Zappos, but I really do love that company.  Brilliant customer service.

Anyway, here is the object of my affection:

It’s made of goat hide and it’s so soft.  I love the subtle leopard pattern here and there that makes it fun but doesn’t take over the whole bag:

What’s your must-have item this fall?

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