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Seasonal vertigo

This is only our third winter in Houston, so I still find the seasonal changes here really weird and disorienting.  We’re on the eve of December, and a third of the leaves are still green, a third are gone, and a third are changing colors.  Mentally, I’m approximately here, season-wise:

Not Texas.

Also not Texas.

It was 50 F when I left Toastmasters tonight.  I passed someone waiting at a bus stop, wearing a puffy, calf-length winter coat, a knit hat, and a scarf.  (I’m not quite that wimpy, but I’m not that far off, either.)  And yesterday it was 80 F.  I was recently wondering where the heck all the hangers had gone and realized that they’re ALL in my area of the closet because I currently need both sweaters and short sleeves on a weekly basis.

I like our mild winters here in Houston, but as far as I’m concerned, the 80-degree days could give it a rest until March.  I need the closet space and it would help me get in the mood for Christmas decorating!

Definitely not Texas!

(If you’re curious, all of the pictures were taken in Holmdel Park, just a couple miles from where we lived in New Jersey and one of our favorite places to spend a Sunday afternoon in those days.)

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