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Mini cheesecakes

After my last cheesecake experiment, I was eager to play around some more with the recipe.  My parents bought us a few more ramekins for Thanksgiving, because I wanted to serve molten cakes in them and my sister also wanted to serve the five gallons of soup she made for five people in them (we ended up talking her into bowls; our small bowls are a dainty 23 oz).  With Thanksgiving come and gone, I thought why not fill all of those ramekins with cheesecake?

This time I made the cream cheese/sugar/egg base and added a tablespoon of vanilla before dividing it in half.  The bottom half got the usual chocolate treatment, and the upper half got 3/4 cup mini chocolate chips (mini because the ramekins are only 8 oz).  I spooned 2 tablespoons of the crust mixture into each ramekin and baked them for 5 minutes to set:

Next I spooned a glob of the chocolate layer into each and leveled it.  Even though I had ‘set’ the crust, it still wanted to pull up a little, so I found the best way was to press the back of a spoon gently on the top and rotate the ramekin to spread the batter.

Then I added the top layer.  This one was a lot easier to spread — it was thinner, so it was self-spreading to a degree.

Here’s where the recipe needs a little tweaking: I used 2 tbsp crust in each because I wanted it thick, and that filled 8 ramekins.  But the filling was enough for 11 ramekins.  On top of that, I only had 10 clean and empty.  So I made the 11th in a jumbo silicone baking cup and called it my test cake.  I call that ‘baker’s privilege’!

I baked them for 25 minutes at 350, which was just right.  The test cake went into the freezer for about 30 minutes to set up before I ate it — if you’re in a rush to serve them, try that and you should be good.  Otherwise, just stick them in the fridge and you’ve got dessert for a week:

As much as I love a giant slice of cake, there is something satisfying about finishing a container of something, and a portion like a ramekin is a good way to keep yourself in check during the gluttony of the holiday season…if you can resist eating more than one at a time.

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