Sunday snaps

We’ve had a pretty relaxing weekend around here.  We slept late, stuffed ourselves silly (as usual), and did some holiday shopping.  Sometimes I like to take a lazy weekend day as an at-home spa day.  I did that Saturday since we weren’t planning to leave the house, and I decided to have a little fun with my nail polish:

I liked it better in my head and at first I thought I’d be changing it before the weekend was over, but it’s growing on me.  Reminds me a little of peacock feathers.  Did my toes, too:

For the nail polish fiends, that’s two coats of Revlon in ‘Minted’ and one of Nicole by OPI in ‘Too Rich for You.’

Sweet Pea had a busy weekend of galloping around the living room, chasing after toys, attacking my feet, and singing outside the bedroom door.  She sat on my lap for a movie Saturday night, which is a positive step in her snuggle training.  She is taking a well-earned rest from all that productivity:

Just looking at that picture is making me sleepy.  Do your pets have that effect on you, too?

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