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Christmas commerce

Mail delivery in our neighborhood is spotty — packages usually either get thrown over the gate or we have to pick them up from a USPS warehouse, which is seldom something convenient enough for us to do within a couple days.  The one time I had to pick up something from FedEx, it was a nightmare — the customer service agent at the 800 number gave me one set of pretty reasonable hours, whereas the sign on the door at the depot indicated that they are only open to retrieve your package for about 10 hours total per week, all in the middle of weekdays.  For some reason the staff took pity on the small crowd of us who’d received erroneous information, but they made it clear that they were not happy about it.  (Then I submitted a detailed comment to the FedEx website suggesting that they find out the location’s real hours, and they emailed me to ask for more details, including the exact location, but I blew it off because I wasn’t sure how to get more exact than the street address that I had supplied in my original comment.)

Anyway, the point is that anything we order or receive as a gift gets sent to my office, where things are less likely to become airborne.  If the mailroom staff at my company were locked in the mailroom for a year with no clocks or calendars, they would know when December had arrived solely by the number of packages that arrive addressed to me.  (True story: the other day I thought my coworker had bad gas.  At the end of the day I realized it was the gourmet food delivery sitting on my desk.  He probably thought the smell was me.  Sorry, Coworker!)  Today’s load:

This morning the delivery guy asked how many more times he would be seeing me today.  I told him I didn’t know, but that it would be plenty more before I left for the holidays!  Sometimes it’s a little embarrassing to be the Girl With All the Packages.  But not embarrassing enough to make me want to spend time at the mall and the post office during the holidays!  (True story #2: the other day I waited in a long line to use the automated postal machine.  The window line was even longer, so one guy ahead of me had decided to use the machine to print postage for his dozen Christmas cards, which meant having to go through the menu and the weighing process as many times as there were cards.  Bless his heart.)

Time for some more holiday kitty pictures!

Happy Thursday!

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