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Happy 2011!

We’ve made it around the sun once more!  I’m looking forward to seeing what 2011 brings.  This year I’ve decided to attempt the ever-popular photo-a-day challenge, so you’ll see my latest results in the right sidebar.  Hopefully this will also give me some daily practice using some new photo tools.  I have a new Wacom tablet so I can fine-tune my editing skills, and I am likely having to switch software to use it.  I used Photoshop for years, but the version I had stopped working a few years ago so I switched to GIMP.  I have liked GIMP a lot, but I haven’t figured out how to make the tablet work with it, so I am trying to migrate myself back to Photoshop via the version that was included.

As I mentioned in my last post, we spent a few of the last days of 2010 at our favorite Hill Country farm.  The first full day was rainy so we just stayed indoors or on the screened porch, reading and snacking.  The next day started grey but dry, so we pounced on the opportunity to walk the property and eventually it cleared up into a nice day.

The goats were happy to see us, in their own odd way.  Goats are a little like cats, in that they want your attention badly, but will act completely indifferent almost as soon as you grant it.

There were a couple kids so young that they still had bits of umbilical cord hanging from their bellies.  They are adorable to watch, playing and leaping around, but if you get too close they will run off to find their mothers, crying pitifully all the way.  I couldn’t get closer than about 10′.

The animal that was probably the happiest to see us was the donkey who was corralled away from all of the other animals.  From talking to one of the caretakers, we learned that this donkey killed a goat and is being secluded until one of the other animals gives birth.  Usually the donkeys are just marginally interested in us until they determine that we don’t have any good snacks, but twice this donkey actually RAN toward us for attention (until the caretaker dropped off some fresh hay, and then we were old news).  I have to admit I felt a little sad that he seemed so lonely.

The one animal that could not have cared less about our presence was this malcontent cow who spent all day, every day mooing and chasing her two donkey pen-mates out of whichever area she currently deemed hers.  I tried to touch her because she looked really soft, but she wanted nothing to do with us.

I’ll put the rest of this post behind a jump because I’m only about half done!

The other animal I really wanted to touch was this fuzzy calf, but Mama Longhorn was eyeing me carefully and I decided not to press my luck.

Isn’t she pretty?

We occasionally find bones around the property.  This time we found a jawbone (probably a deer):

And the mostly skeletal remains of a deer that we think got hung up on a fence.  An unfortunate end, but fascinating to look at:

A couple more random shots to end on a high note:

Don’t tell Sweet Pea about that last one!

Next time, bird pictures!

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