Preparing for a sick day

A surgery day, actually.  I have oral surgery tomorrow, yuck.  Generally I have no problem with needles, but the idea of them in my MOUTH is just terrible.  In 2010 I had my first fillings and my dentist did an amazing job with the anesthesia (she numbs you before she numbs you!), but she’s not the one doing the surgery so I am just hoping for the best.  Mark is driving me, so I can take whatever drugs they’re offering!  Then I will spend the weekend recovering and hopefully be back to work Monday, though I won’t be back to regular food for a couple weeks.

Soup stash, check:

You probably think I really love tomato soup.  It’s really that I know I can tolerate it, whereas I haven’t even tried the squash or cashew carrot ginger.  I’ll bring the Campbell’s ones to work next week so I can have lunch.

Comfortable pants, soft thermal shirt, favorite fleece, check:

I’ve had that fleece for at least 15 years and I still have no idea what the blue things are supposed to be, but it’s the best fleece ever because it’s super thick and has a big, soft turtleneck collar.

I hope you have more exciting plans than I do this weekend!

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