Feathers and scales

Zoo picture time!  I’ll put the birds out front, and the snakes behind a cut for the ophidiophobes.

I think kookaburras are ridiculous little cartoony birds that look like they should topple over.  I don’t know who is sillier, kookaburras or this bird that looks like Little Richard:

I know you’re wondering what kind of person goes to the zoo and takes a photo of a grackle, but isn’t he pretty?  He really was that blue in the sunlight.  Okay, one more non-indigenous bird to make up for the grackle:

Snake time!  Snakes get a bad rap, but they are much more cooperative for portraits than most of the zoo’s other animals.

Check out how the tail matches the leaf coloration.  Isn’t that pretty?

I have a few more pictures still to show (I told you I took a lot!), but that’s enough for tonight.  I hope you enjoyed them!

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