Expecting a snow day

Not wanting Houston to miss out on Snowmageddon, Mother Nature has ordered some flakes for Houston.  And Houston is FREAKING OUT.

Usually when snow occurs here, it’s a novelty dusting and it’s gone before you can blink.  But this time, we’ve had an abnormal stretch of days at below-freezing temperatures, so whatever falls will stick around for a few extra hours (Saturday forecast: 55.  Sunday: 66).  The prediction for our immediate area is 1-3″.  To get that in the first place, and for it to hang around, is supposedly a 10+ year type event.

We started getting warnings Wednesday night that it was going to hit on Thursday afternoon.  I went to work giddy about a super-short day.  Schools decided a day ahead that they will be closed Friday; many also closed today.  My company sent out an email saying we should all go home no later than 4 today, and not to plan to come back tomorrow.  It’s all so exciting!

Observe, my neighborhood at 10:45 PM on Thursday:

If it doesn’t look snowy, it’s because it’s not.  I don’t really mind if we don’t get snow because heaven knows that people in this city already can’t drive, but I just don’t want my employer to have an opportunity to walk back the closure they already announced.  I’m really looking forward to having a hot, homemade breakfast and taking my afternoon teleconference in my pajamas.  So cross your fingers for a nice, thick blanket of snow!

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