Highs and lows of the week

High atop Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park, September 2009

Overall, I’d have to give this week 8 out of 10, mostly on account of having taken Monday off for Valentine’s Day!  Let’s see how the week washed out:


  • Low: I have been so tired at work all week that I can hardly focus and had to lock myself in an empty conference room for 10 minutes so I could close my eyes!
  • High: Tomorrow we find out about our bonuses for 2010 and there will be doughnuts!


  • Low: I got burned by my hot stone massage!  Nothing severe, but still uncomfortable and unexpected.
  • High: That I had a massage at all, of course!  And a full day at a great spa with my valentine.


  • Low: We are out of dessert tonight and I was too tired to bake something. :(
  • High: I can definitely get a week’s worth of high just remembering our Valentine’s Eve dinner at Rainbow Lodge!


  • Low: Hair was out of control this week for no apparent reason and my next cut is still a few weeks away.
  • High: I wore red nail polish for the first time in at least a year and realized I love it!


  • Low: Inspired by my red nail polish, I decided to Back-to-MAC for some Russian Red lipstick at the closest MAC counter.  They were sold out!  Tried my next option, MAC Red.  They were sold out of that, too!
  • High: Took home Syrup instead, which is so pretty it may be my new everyday shade.  And I still have plenty of empties to try again on that Russian Red.  Is anything more fun than free makeup?  Maybe a kitten, but just barely.

How was your week?

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