I have a problem, and Sephora is enabling it:

That may not look like much, but there are three or four layers of perfume samples there.  I know I have mentioned that I am terrible at using things up, though I was in fact successful in that particular venture with all the lotions and I might go so far as to say I’ve partially reformed my ways.  But perfumes are a special challenge.  I almost always choose perfumes as my three free Sephora samples because I think most cosmeceuticals are gimmicky and overpriced, and I’m certainly not going to find my dream foundation with a dime-sized dot in a color that has been specially selected to not match me.  On the other hand, I never tire of smelling new fragrances!  It’s because of a Sephora sample that I found one of my two most-worn fragrances, but every one I commit to takes me that much farther from using up the other samples I have.

I hesitate to throw out the ones I don’t especially like, because usually you can layer them into something wonderful and unique, which is a process I quite enjoy.  That’s assuming, of course, that you can find them in your stash.  This weekend I started reorganizing my nightmare of a cosmetic drawer and gathered up all those little samples into one accessible place so I can hopefully start thinning the herd.

It’s going to take me a while to get through all of those samples.  What types of products should I choose for my three free samples in the meantime?  I’d go with moisturizers, but I haven’t even shown you all the moisturizer samples I’ve amassed when they’ve substituted for my requests!

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