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Sunday already?

How does this time of the week get here so quickly?  I want a couple more days to play!  I especially need them since Mark had to work all weekend and we barely got to see each other.  We’ve got fun plans for next weekend, though!

This weekend I decided to watch some OnDemand movies and shows that Mark might not care about since I seldom have the chance.  One of the things I watched was ‘Where the Wild Things Are.’  I don’t remember the plot of the book very well aside from enjoying it when I was five or so, but I found the end of the movie awfully sad.  I’m not sure I would have chosen it had I realized it would be such a downer, but I did like it.

Sweet Pea also kept me entertained by showing me her talents:

Get it!



She has been doing this trick for a while and occasionally I plug the feathers back in (as I did to get these photos), but they’re getting a little worn out so I’m going to check Petsmart for a new toy to hang on the bead chain.  She probably doesn’t care, since she seems every bit as entertained by the little black plastic piece without the feathers as she was with.  My sister always says cats prefer trash to cat toys, and I think she’s generally right.  Julia didn’t care about most toys, but she loved milk jug rings and twist ties.

When Sweet Pea ran out of mischief with the feathers, she moved on to my Valentine’s Day decor (yes, it’s still up; I’m making up for the abrupt end to Christmas!):

Anything exciting in your corner of the world this weekend?

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