Rodeo time!

This weekend we visited one of our favorite Houston traditions, the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo!  I took a ton of photos, so tonight let’s focus on what happens outside the stadium.  It’s a carnival atmosphere, with plenty to eat, see, and do.  Follow me!

One thing you realize while walking around and seeing various badges and vests is that it takes a lot of people to put on the world’s largest rodeo.  That means a lot of people to feed, too:

And a lot of boots to shine:

There’s a livestock show in the exhibition hall:

Outside there are games and rides:

Don’t follow the jump if you’re hungry!

Did I mention the food yet?

fried bacon

fried oreos

Possibly the best (and definitely the largest) dog I’ve ever eaten.

Y’all come back in a couple days for the real action!

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