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Post-rodeo concert

Sadly, the HLSR concert series is what makes it difficult to get good rodeo tickets, and I don’t even care about the concerts.  If you look around at the premium seats during the rodeo, they are mostly empty.  If you look around once the concert starts, they’re full.  Mark and I would gladly pay more for no concert and more rodeo, but that’s a rant for another time.

However, I do like some of the photos I took during the concert!  There are fireworks:

Things to buy that light up and annoy the person sitting next to you:

If you pay $300 for your seat, during the concert you get to sit on the…dirt:

No recording during the performance, please.

Remember when people held up lighters at concerts?

Oh well.  It’s still good for a nice time with your sweetheart.

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