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Playa del Carmen: under the sea, part 1

Snaps from our first two dives.  You see pretty much the same fish all over the Caribbean, and I’ve been there enough times now that I no longer come back with several hundred reef shots, but I have to take some!  My camera tags along on every dive because you never know when you’re going to see something special.  I use an underwater housing for my little Canon point & shoot, and it does well enough, but (Dear Santa,) what I’d really like is a nice Sea & Sea setup (and a trip to Thailand).  Just sayin’. :)

I like this shot because it looks to me like the puffer on the left, the parrotfish in the middle, and the blue tang on the right are laughing:

Some little highhats, and our divemaster reaching for the arrow crab that was my photo of the day:

My favorite frogman:

Grunts schooling under a ledge:

Grunt close-up:

Follow the jump for a few more!

This next one is a terrible picture because the camera wanted to focus on all the particulate in the water, but the divemaster had told us to look for sergeant majors that were blue and guarding a dark patch of sand (a nest).  Those are breeding males and they go back to their normal colors when breeding season is over.

This is a mature queen angelfish.  They look quite different as juveniles:

Some tasty snapper:

Permit on parade:

Blue tang hiding (badly):

Harlequin bass (I think this is the first one I’ve seen!  Or photographed, at least):

Let me know if you figure out what this strange fish is:

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