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Popover perfection

When Mark and I were in Honolulu last June with friends, we had one especially spectacular dinner at BLT Steak.  It was one of those occasions where you order way more appetizers and sides than you know you’ll need, just because it all sounds so good.  Imagine our surprise when the waiter brought out the bread course, which consisted of popovers the size of footballs!  Well, maybe Nerf footballs.  But trust me, they were huge.

BLT brings the popovers out with a little card that tells you exactly how to make them, and enough people have fallen in love with those popovers that you can easily find the recipe online.  I do have a popover pan, but you can make them in a muffin tin if necessary.  They won’t be quite as enormous, but that means you can eat more, right?

The pan was a gift last Christmas, but I put off making them because I was sort of nervous about it.  I have read that you have to follow the recipe just so, and I was afraid to do something wrong and end up with unpoppedovers.  Finally, my craving for popovers was too great to deny, and I decided I was going for it.  I halved the recipe, which turned out to be a good call because apparently my pan is not quite as enormous as BLT’s.

If you have never had a popover, they are airy, eggy, and super-moist.  BLT adds gruyere to theirs, which is delicious, but they are just as good plain.  We used parmesan on some of them, but it doesn’t melt like gruyere, so it flakes off and is a little messier.

I couldn’t fit all of the batter in my pan at once, so I stored the remainder in the refrigerator overnight and let it come to room temperature the next day while dinner was reheating.  I don’t think you’d want to try using it cold, since part of the instructions are to heat the pan before you add the batter, but at least I’ve proven to myself that popovers aren’t nearly the fuss they appear to be!  We don’t eat a lot of bread these days, but I think we may be eating a lot more of these…

Happy Memorial Day weekend!  I will be poolside, so posting will resume on Tuesday.  Be safe, have fun, and eat something delicious!

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