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About that weekly photo thing

You know what?  I just don’t want to.  I am not lacking obligations this year, and it’s barely February.  Phew, that’s a load off.

Lots of stuff going on around here.  My job is wearing me out and I’ve been missing my afternoon naps, so I sleep like a baby but I dream about work.  This new job is more challenging than any I’ve ever had and I love that, but I find myself needing a lot more recuperation on the weekends than ever before.  As for Mark’s job, he’s counting down until he leaves it this summer to start a full-time master’s program.  This program is essentially the reason we moved to Houston, so it’s exciting for him to finally get started.  For a couple years we’ll just be INKs instead of DINKs!  (Dear anybody, would you like to sponsor my wardrobe during this time?)

What else…I decided I needed more to do at work (ha), so I’m trying to get a corporate Toastmasters club started.  The feeler I put out through the training coordinator got a very positive response, so I’m working on setting up the demo meeting.  At some point I will surely ask myself what the heck I was thinking, but for now I’m excited.

Remember the aluminum prints I ordered on Cyber Monday?  Yeah, me neither.  They’ve been sitting on the dining room table for a couple months and I keep forgetting they exist, but I finally hung them this weekend.  The shot that is my least favorite ended up looking the best because of the way the light catches it.  The image almost seems to jump out of the picture.  I’m glad we ended up with the aluminum prints because the windowless bathroom they’re in was so dreary.  Hard to capture that effect in a photo (had to turn off the flash for the first because they reflect so much light), but here they are anyway!



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