Bad bunny

The Easter Bunny set off our burglar alarm at 4:50 this morning and didn’t even bother leaving treats.  Mark went to greet him with a shotgun, but found neither hare nor hide.

Easter is not a religious occasion in our household, unless you count my fervent devotion to Cadbury Creme Eggs and Mini Eggs, previously documented herein.  We started the day at our usual Sunday service (now with fries!) and will be concluding it thusly:

A little-known fact is that the day after Easter is a more important day than Easter, because that is when all of the candy is 50% off.  (It’s also a documented fact that Easter is the best candy holiday of the year.)  Sadly, this year I’ll be unable to scour every Target and Walgreens in the Houston metro area because I will be riding with a colleague to San Antonio for a seminar.

Next year, Easter Bunny, I’m setting a trap.

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